How I Got Started

I got started in health coaching because I wanted a career that truly helped people. I wanted to use the tools and tricks  I’ve learned on my unique journey to share in others’ journeys and help others create unique, full, and healthy lives. 

To truly understand how I got here, I would go back to when my kids were very little. At that point, my husband had lost  his job and I was supporting him through graduate school. In four years, I had experienced four pregnancies resulting in  three beautiful and extremely energetic kids, leaving me with a body that had gone through a lot and felt like it. I was tired  and felt like even though I loved my life, I didn’t have the energy to enjoy it. 

Feeling like my weight was holding me back, I tried counting calories, but even though I got to a goal weight, I didn’t like  the militant feel and I wasn’t feeling better. I could save my calories for doughnuts or oreos with milk by drinking lots of  Coke Zero, but it just didn’t feel…right. 


My Passion

I began learning about nutrition, the benefits of eating nutrient dense foods, and realized that nutrition deficiency was  what my body was experiencing. I began listening when my body wanted nutrients, and giving it the fuel it needed to  thrive. I became energized. I began running, doing yoga, making friends, taking my kids to children museums and  making memories with them, making healthy meals for me and my kids and packing healthy meals for my husband. I  began seeing every aspect of my life improve. Our finances went from hopeless to planned and hopeful. I had energy to  improve my relationships with God, my husband, my kids, and my community. I found ways to broaden my circles of  influence and found deeper meaning to my day-to-day. 

The more I learned about health, relationships, money, spirituality and exercise, the more I realized that small habits  produced the greatest change. I had to help others see that same result. 

I sought the best training I could and became a Certified Health Coach and Certified Life Coach, and have been able  to assist and witness many people experience transformation on their journeys. 

To continue, though, you must know that my journey isn’t done. Neither is yours. Isn’t it exciting?

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