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Dre Olsen

your new health + habit coach

First and foremost, my coaching is about transforming beliefs and mindsets so that my clients can be present with themselves and their lives in a whole new way. I follow that work with step-by- step guidelines around healthy ways to approach eating, exercise and lifestyle.

Because I involve many areas of life, what you get with me is a deep level of expertise on what works to connect with your innate energy. We create habits that stick and that’s why my clients get great results that they are thrilled with — and we have a lot of fun along the way!

What My Clients Are Saying


“I live a very stressful life. I’m in school, going through a divorce, work two part time jobs, and parent my young kids. With bringing Dre’s positivity into my life, I’m surprised how quickly I’ve responded to small changes that bring big results!”


"Because of Dre, I now make healthy meals as a default. I’ve saved so much money with no longer grabbing takeout all of the time! I’ve been able to verbalize why living the way I want matters. My view on food has changed entirely. Even while out with friends, I find myself more people focused instead of being food focused. Dre’s program was very customizable to my specific concerns in different areas of my life as well. I’d highly recommend her program to anyone looking for a needed shift in their nutritional mindset.”


“I have always struggled with low self esteem. I learned that to be healthy, I have to come at it with a loving standpoint. That changed everything. I’m healthy. I get comments from people about how positive and confident I am now. I’m even happier after each session.”

Who Are My Programs For?

My Total Transformation programs were created for women who are absolutely ready and fully committed to transforming their lives, to ending the cycle of lackluster days, weeks, or years.

These programs were created for you to put systems around health and life in place in incremental steps, which will eventually lead you to experience energizing peace and even JOY in your life.

Consider what you’ll do with me to be a transformational experience where you’re consistently taking action. No more worrying that you’ll never find something that works for you; you’ll open up to a very different way of thinking and full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: ending the war with artificial energy sources and unsuccessful numbing techniques so you can experience a Total Transformation.

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